Encore Community Services


June 24, 2022

About Session

This concert at Encores Community Center was certainly a burst of sunlight on this cloudy and chilly summer day!  

We had a whomping five singers: Beth, Shannon, Caitlyn, Robyn and Jackie, with Mason (expertly) tearing up the keys on a variety of tunes. We had a Rodgers & Hammerstein and Irving Berlin streak,  some contemporary tunes like “Journey to the Past” and “Don't Want to Be Here” from “Ordinary Days,” and some favorites from the 60s/70s like “Moon River,” “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” by Carole King, and Jackie closed us out with Sondheim's “Moments in the Woods.”

Speaking of special "moments," one audience member told us it was her first time visiting Encores today, and as a Broadway fan, she felt so lucky to pop in on a SFYS concert day. She's now a forever SFYS fan!

The Encores Community members were singing, swaying and dancing in the aisles to the music from start to finish, and the joy and friendship we saw around the tables was truly heartwarming. We may have to get a few members up onstage with us next time!

Accompanied by: Mason Griffin