Jacquelyn Avery GreenspanJacquelyn Avery Greenspan

Jacquelyn Avery Greenspan

SFYS Artist Since:

Jacquelyn grew up next to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and has loved singing her whole life. She was introduced to the wonderful world of musical theatre with an old VHS tape of Mary Martin’s Peter Pan when she was 2. Her love grew during the summers she spent at Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts Camp and performing at a local dinner theatre during the year. She also loved sharing this passion though singing for senior centers with her 4-H club during the holiday season. She kept up singing through her time at NYU and grad school at East 15 Acting School in England. Though she now mostly works in ‘straight’ theatre, on-camera and in voice over, she relishes any chance to sing when the opportunity arises. She also writes her own music.

Favorite Genre To Sing

Contemporary Musical Theatre and Folk

Favorite Song To Sing

"Things are Gonna Come Around" by Meg Toohey and Dawn Kamerling

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