Help us bring the joy and therapeutic value of music to even more seniors.

Did a grandparent or another older person help spark your love of music? Honor that person with a charitable contribution to Sing For Your Seniors.

How can I give?


Indivdual Contribution

How your tax-deductible donation will help:

  • $50     Sponsor a Virtual One-On-One Session for a Senior
  • $100   Sponsor a SFYS pianist
  • $250   Sponsor one Sing For Your Seniors Session
  • $400   Sponsor a Broadway Session, including transportation

We will be happy to accept a donation of any size, either one time or recurring, in your name or in the name of a loved one.
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Foundations & Large Contributions

Connect with us to discuss your desired impact or memorial tribute.

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Company Match

Find out if your company can match your donation to double your gift!



When you shop on choose Sing For Your Seniors, and your purchase automatically donates a portion of the money you spend to SFYS, with no cost to you.

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