Central Harlem Senior Citizens Centers


March 11, 2022

About Session

From Session Leader Napoleon Douglas: "The weather is starting to turn, and I think the warmth is in part to the HOT vocals in today’s session with Central Harlem.

Jean & Joe gave us a musical history lesson, as they eased in and out of multiple decades in their set. The 50s. The 60s. The 70s. What can’t they do? An audience favorite was “Build me up Buttercup” that got everyone up and singing, along with “Accentuate the Positive.

Davon is such a strong storyteller, and he proved it yet again today. His “Waving Through a Window” was such a treat. But I think it was his version of Adele’s “Love is a Game” that really captured us. The power in his voice sent chills down my spine.

Aléna - our Queen - was killing the covers today. Her rendition of Alicia Key’s “If I aint had you” competes with the original. And her “Rainbow Connection” had us all in awe. What a treat it is to experience her artistry.

One of the Seniors concluded in our fellowship moment, “Thank you for working with the Seniors.” It wrapped up everyone’s sentiments of the day all in one sentence - we are so thankful for the time we get to spend altogether. That means we better see you next month!!!"