The Sage Center


September 10, 2021

About Session

From SFYS Facilitator Napoleon Douglas: Usually I am trying to both facilitate and sing, but today had the opportunity to sit back and listen. Each singer reminded of the values of SFYS.

Megan reminded me of the power of storytelling. Her “I Could of Danced All Night” took me to moments in my life that I was supposed to go to bed, but remained awake and eager to to dance with joy. I couldn’t help but be thankful for the dedicated space SFYS offers for the sharing of stories.

Christian, who is also an employee for SAGE, put on another hat as a vocalist today; a reminder that expression creativity exists within us all and how wonderful is it that SFYS gives a spaces for voices to be heard. Christian’s “I Am What I Am” was breathtaking; it was a moment where I saw people adore someone they already love in a new way.

Deborah brings such tenacity and wisdom to all of her performances. She represents who we all aspire to be - an individual who isn’t afraid to live out loud in all capacities. Her switch from ballad to an uptempo is effortless, which was especially highlighted in her “I Love a Piano”.

Tiffany reminds us that music makes us all family: that despite our differences, we have an interconnected bloodline of whole and half notes that bring us altogether. Tiffany’s “S’Wonderful” swept us away, and she also gave us very loving words that I think our listeners will carry with them until our next visit.

Finally, a concert pianist, Christopher treated us to a suite of selections from the musical RAGTIME. SFYS brings a remarkable amount of unique talent to the stage, artists who are simultaneously selfless in sharing their gifts, and open and eager to connect with our listeners through our mutual love of story and song.

Facilitated By: Napoleon Douglas.

Community Partner: The SAGE Center.

Sponsored By: Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.