Lennox Hill Neighborhood House


November 19, 2021

About Session

From SFYS Artist Napoleon Douglas: Today was a special privilege. We had a cannon of incredible artists, and got to re-connect with our friends at the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House. We haven’t able to engage with them since the pandemic, until TODAY where we spent out first virtual session with them, live from our living rooms!

Melanie exhibited so much range today, vocally and energetically. Her “Johnny One Note” soared, and was perfectly contrasted with an understated rendition of “Over the Rainbow”. She sang for us today from her classroom, which was such a special touch.

Sam channeled his inner Bublé and serenaded us with “Come Fly with Me”, and continued the crooner-vibe with one of his best audition songs - “Drift”. We particularly enjoyed the story of his grandparents and their influences on him, that brought him to music.

Davon came out swinging hard with both stunts and musical selections. His take on “Moondance” is always a favorite and he didn’t disappoint, especially as he added the light show. And after a vote from the audience, he closed out our show with “Wheels of a Dream”, which brought all of us to tears. What a joy.

My favorite part of today was being an audience member, both to my fellow artists and to the seniors who joined us today. I could see how grateful they were from their laughter, tears, and applause (in ASL, of course). It was a real treat to reunite with our friends at Neighborhood House. Until next time!