Inspir Carnegie Hill


January 9, 2022

About Session

From SFYS Artist Caitlin Borek: What a pleasure to sing for the vibrant Inspir community with talents like Ro Dempsey, Caleb Funke, Melanie Burg and Noriko Sunamoto on the keys. Ro gave us such dynamic range from her lively “Favorite Things” sing-along to her stunning rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream.” Caleb’s caramelized vocals gave us swoon-worthy ballads like “It Only Takes a Moment,” Miss Melanie melted the whole room with a very special performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and I was given the gift of reprising Cinderella in “A Lovely Night.” We were all blessed with the skill and artistry of Noriko’s accompaniment. Our audience received us with such warmth; one community member referred to us as champagne, ever so bubbly.

Accomppanied by: Noriko Sunamoto