Encore Community Services‍


September 29, 2023

About Session

Our incredible seniors and artists made it to the session at Encore Community Center despite the intense rain and flooding in the city that day. 

Maggie Elizabeth May opened with “The Sound of Music.” One of the seniors even joined her in a duet. The words came to him so easily, and he matched his pitch perfectly in tune with the piano. His face lit up as he sang to his peers. His two close friends said afterwards that they didn’t know he could sing. It’s these kinds of moments that make Sing For Your Seniors truly magical.

When Ashley introduced her 1960’s pop song, one of the seniors jokingly said, “Do you remember the sixties?” When Robin sang a glorious “Journey to the Past,” a senior shouted “She’s got some pipes on her.” Susan asked the crowd if they were baseball fans before she sang “All You Need is Heart” from DAMN YANKEES and got everyone laughing.

Suzanne polled the crowd looking for a Bill. An audience member in the back shouted out that his name is William, so of course she dedicated the song “Bill” from SHOW BOAT to him. Caitlin closed us out with a powerful “I Feel the Earth Move” which got our seniors to dance and clap along. 

The whole session was a beautiful celebration in stark contrast to the wild weather outside. At the end of the session, one of the seniors shared how much he loves how the artists add their own spin to the songs and tell unique stories to match. This session was a touching reminder that Sing For Your Seniors is all about connecting to communities.