Encore Community Services


February 5, 2022

About Session

On this fourth day of Black History Month, we had the privilege of singing in person for the seniors at Encore Community Services. The theme of today was Love, which was very fitting with Valentine’s Day around the corner, and boy, these artists delivered!

Davon pulled out amazing songs as usual. His “Moondance” woke us all up and even had some people in the back dancing along. His rendition of “Wheels of a Dream” was an audience favorite, as some seniors mentioned after our session. He always has a way of stealing the hearts of the audience, which is why we love it when he comes back.

Caleb, who just recently joined the SFYS family (welcome!), was our crooner of the afternoon, bringing pieces like “There But For You Go I” from “Brigadoon" that blew us away. The depth of his low notes were as rich as his heart: during the pandemic, he began dedicating his time assisting seniors who were at home or at other senior centers. His passion for this community and music collided today, and the results were beautiful. We are lucky to have you!

Shannon stepped in as our emcee for the day. She was another artist who dedicated her time to the senior community during the pandemic, which eventually led her to become an employee at Encore. It was such a treat to see her former co-workers and other familiar faces revel in her renditions of “Beauty and the Beast” and “Being Alive” – both of which she executed perfectly. We are so grateful to have her in the fold and excited to be singing with her again.

Love, music and Mason Griffin on the piano. What could be better? Thankful for our wonderful artists, and our Encore family. See you next month!