Central Harlem Senior Citizen's Centers


July 9, 2022

About Session

From Session Leader Aléna Watters: Friday’s Central Harlem Senior Citizen’s Center Virtual Session was a joy, as always. Emily, Ben, and I brought a sweet mixture of tunes from the ‘40s to modern day and our seniors soaked it all up!

Quotes from our enthusiastic audience:

“I wanna thank you guys for always bringing this positive energy to us; we enjoy it each and every month. You are just so amazing, and I just love it!”

“I was cooking, and it put a little bit of extra soul in my cooking! Let me tell you, I got through what would normally take me two hours. So thank you so much; it was the best cooking music ever, and all of the songs were great. I loved every song!”

“This gave a chance to sit down and relax and focus on the music, which was really inspiring and wonderful.”

“This was my first time – the songs bring back memories and bring back tears, I really enjoyed myself.”