Central Harlem Senior Citizens Center


March 13, 2024

About Session

This session at Central Harlem Senior Citizens Center was an absolute ball. 

Lianne and Luke's duets got the crowd singing along to everything from Elvis to Frank Sinatra. Luke even showcased his incredible guitar skills. 

Erica gave a soulful rendition of “Crazy.” Aléna brought down the house with her vocals and Mariah Carey songs.  

After a few numbers, Stevie, one of our seniors, shared that he thought we were each unique and deeply appreciated our style. 

At the end of the session while saying our goodbyes, several seniors were insistent that they had seen Luke on the Bachelor. We sadly had to disappoint them. But Lianne shared that she was Luke’s fiancé, and no such thing was happening on her watch. What a fun laugh to end the session on! We cannot wait until next month to be back at Central Harlem Senior Citizens Center.