Central Harlem Senior Citizens Center


August 23, 2023

About Session

Our session with the Central Harlem Senior Citizens Center featured a small and mighty crew of performers, including Aléna Watters, Lianne Marie Dobbs and Mason Griffin, the pianist. The afternoon was filled with a delightful blend of music from the 1950s to the 1990s with a healthy dose of jazz, blues and soul – skillfully accompanied by Mason.

The audience was inspired to begin rhythmic clapping to the uptempo jams and were singing along with some of the blues, jazz and soul songs. 

One gentleman told us his favorite number was the jazz standard, "Misty." Another one of our seniors came up to the gals at the end of the session and enthusiastically pointed to Lianne saying, "You can sing!" Then he turned and pointed to Aléna and exclaimed, "And you can sing!" He then chuckled and merrily went about the rest of the day. 

Some of our seniors recognized Aléna and Lianne from past virtual sessions. They were so happy to meet in person and shared many hugs.

It was an afternoon of joy-filled entertainment and smiles all around. We look forward to bringing another a dose of joy to our Central Harlem seniors next month.