305 West End


November 20, 2021

About Session

It was wonderful be back at 305 West End for our second in-person session! Our singers all hailed from Sacramento, California, essentially growing up with the same theatrical community together. I sang my old favorites,  "The Sound of Music" and "Over the Rainbow". Luke, never without his tap shoes, brought the thunder on the dance floor. Connor sang “Try To Remember”, after which one of our listeners shared "it was a very nuanced performance.” We always love to hear feedback from our seniors!  Camryn, who recently moved to the city, belted her face off with “Sing Happy” and then gave us her gorgeous soprano with “Vanilla Ice Cream.”

Afterwards we chatted with a few of the seniors about theatre and life in New York. We found out that one of the seniors used to play the piano  and sing, and is still doing that today! She reminded us that we have much to look forward to, and that once you’re an artist, you’re always an artist.

Accompanied by: Mason Griffin