The Sage Center


December 12, 2022

About Session

As our volunteers trickle back to in-person sessions, excitement abounds as residents and artists are reunited after many months on Zoom.  

At yesterday’s SAGE sessions, there were many familiar faces as well as some new ones. It was a truly joyful time as the community gathered around the gift of music.

Daniel sang duets with two incredible artists, Molly Rushing and Charlie Franklin. Steven Skeels sang heartfelt original songs in his gorgeous voice. We are so grateful for our pianist, Milo Rosengard, and his incredible playing.

The best moment of the afternoon was singing Carole King music together with all four artists, and all of the seniors loudly singing along.

Thanks for having us, SAGE. Happy Holidays to all and can’t wait to be back.

Accompanied by: Milo Rosengard