The Riverside Church Senior Luncheon


May 13, 2022

About Session

From Session Leader Maggie Elizabeth May:

Sing For Your Seniors had the honor of performing for the Riverside Church Senior Appreciation Luncheon on Thursday. We were so thrilled to be a part of such a special event!

Highlights: Rebbekah, with her sweet demeanor and gorgeous, effortless voice, brought the house down with “I Could Have Danced All Night.” She gracefully moved through the audience, encouraging them to sing along. The voices of our audience echoed through the halls as they clapped and sang with joy.

Salisha, with her kind heart and electric personality, brought tears to our seniors’ eyes when she sang “Home” from “The Wiz.” We all felt at home today with this beautiful crowd celebrating their members and the gift of song. I heard one senior comment to Salisha, “keep that energy in your heart!”

I sang one of my favorites, “The Sound of Music.” Afterwards, a senior came up to me and said “you brought me back to 1969 when I married my husband. I was transported!” Another senior reminisced at the end of the performance, “I was a Broadway baby. I saw the original Sound of Music on Broadway, it’s my favorite!”

Our singers and our incredible accompanist, Christopher, left with huge smiles on our faces, and tears in our eyes. In a time where our industry still feels quite uncertain, Sing For Your Seniors reminds us of why we sing: for the joy, community and friends that we meet along the way.

Accompanied by: Christopher Zander