The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America


December 16, 2022

About Session

When we entered The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, the room was full of warmth from the bright smiles and holiday decorations. As people began to find their seats, Mark played songs from THE NUTCRACKER on the keyboard. Susan started the session off by getting our audience into the spirit of the season with “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Everyone sang along as Cat sang country tunes and played the guitar.

One woman closed her eyes and swayed while Suzanne sang “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.” We had a couple of sing-alongs including, “The Dreidl Song.” We closed out with a rousing “Jingle Bells'' that got some of our audience dancing. The session was filled with joy and smiles – the kind of warmth that can brighten the coldest day.

Accompanied by Mark Klett.