Methodist Home for Nursing and Rehabilitation


March 5, 2023

About Session

This was our first session back with the Methodist Home for Nursing and Rehabilitation in the Bronx since 2020 and we were so overjoyed to be there.

Erica Walker made her SFYS debut with a song from “Into the Woods.” An audience member’s granddaughter gasped with joy and jumped to her feet during Erica's performance.

Stephanie and Gwen – the daughter and granddaughter of one of the seniors – did a duet from “Encanto,” complete with choreography. The audience erupted into applause at the end.

The audience gave Lianne wide-eyed looks as she shared the wacky history of some swingin’ songs and artists that the seniors treasure.

Christopher Zander at the piano made the session extra amazing with his beautiful accompaniments.

At the end of our session, one guest remarked how glad she was that she had come for the music and how it made her feel loved. "Never stop singing! Look at what you did for me today!"