Lenox Hill Neighborhood House


December 11, 2021

About Session

Yesterday’s Virtual Session for Lenox Hill Neighborhood House was a beautiful example of the passion our artists family has for bringing joy to seniors through musical engagement. Abundant thanks to Julia Johanos, Megan Marod, and David John Madore for joining our session with Jacob Gutiérrez-Montoya and Meredith Nixon at the last minute when unexpected circumstances left us short a few artists.

When you get to watch an audience member light up from the recognition of a song or see someone joyfully singing along, it’s such a powerful reminder that music has a special way of connecting us all. Our favorite part of our work is experiencing the community we create together with every session. And that begins with the generosity of the artists who love to share their music with those in need. Thank you to our Neighborhood House seniors for brightening our day with your smiling faces and loving words of gratitude. The feeling is mutual!