Inspir Carnegie Hill


October 9, 2021

About Session

From SFYS Artist Maggie Elizabeth May: We were so grateful to have our first in-person SFYS session since 2020 at Inspir! Our seniors were ready for us early as we set up next to Inspir’s beautiful grand piano. I opened the session with “The Sound of Music”; to hear those lyrics reverberate through the room (Inspir has great acoustics!) literally filled my heart with the sound of music . Morgan graced us with her crystal-clear voice on classics such as “Much More” from THE FANTASTICKS and “Journey to the Past” from ANASTASIA. Tricia sang a hauntingly beautiful “Memory”, and told the story of how she played Grizabella on what ended up being the last of the CATS tour before stages went dark for 18+ months. Daniel always energizes the room, offering up “Love Will Keep Us Together” and “Once in Love With Amy” complete with a tap routine! Today felt wonderfully normal, as we eased right back into business as usual (with additional safety measures,of course). It was such an incredible feeling to be able to look out into the eyes of our seniors, sharing these songs and this experience together, in person. One senior afterwards thanked us for being here and said that she was “transported away and couldn’t wait for us to come back"...and neither can we!

Accompanied by: Christopher Zander