Inspir Carnegie Hill


October 10, 2022

About Session

We had an incredible session with some Sing For Your Seniors pros Sunday.

Emily, whose essence is pure joy, brought some beautiful tunes including “The Wizard and I” and “My Man.”  

Molly is another performer to be reckoned with. The seniors get a kick out of the stories she shares from her time on Broadway, and when she sings “Journey To The Past,” you can’t help but stand up and cheer! Emily and Molly are such amazing storytellers, and make their songs come alive before our eyes.

Wayne joined us for the first time on keys. I’ll never understand how a musician can pick up a complicated piece of music and have it come alive in the way Wayne did Sunday.

This session was extra special when our seniors joined in the singing. They were so tickled to be able to share their voices with us. They bellowed out with classics from their childhood like “Over the Rainbow” and “The Sound of Music” and gave me some great partners to flirt with in “Always True to You in My Fashion.”

I also noticed a mother and daughter sitting together in the audience. At Inspīr, family members are encouraged to attend, and this mother was so grateful to have her daughter beside her, holding her hand. Our seniors at Inspīr made sure to check with us that we will be coming back for another session, and we’ll see them in November! The talent that Sing For Your Seniors attracts is truly amazing.

Accompanied by Wayne Shuker