Inspir Assisted Living and Memory Care


August 15, 2022

About Session

We were so grateful to be back at Inspir today, singing in their gorgeous lobby with an amazing grand piano to boot! Thanks to the incredible acoustics, our singers’ voices carried throughout the center, bringing more seniors to join us as the session continued.

Megan started us off with a gorgeous “If I Loved You.” Emily followed with “Journey to the Past” and our audience let out a small gasp when that beautiful intro started. It was extra special to have the always charming Matt sing with us today, with his partner James accompanying everyone on the piano. What a talented couple! I am always in awe of musicians who can pick up a piece of music for the first time and play it flawlessly. Sarah brought the house down with an incredible “Here I Am.”

As I looked out into the audience, I saw huge smiles. Some sat back and closed their eyes and swayed to the music or tapped their feet along to the beat. Watching our seniors connect to the music reminds us why we do this!

Accompanied by: James Higgins