Down Syndrome of Louisville


May 29, 2022

About Session

Our virtual SFYS Sessions with the Down Syndrome of Louisville community are always bursting with joy, music and high energy. We love to watch as each song our artists sing comes to life, while our audience members create the world of the character within their Zoom screen.

Today we welcomed long time SFYS accompanist, Mason Griffin, to the Zoom room. Everyone was so delighted by his “Hello, Dolly!”tunes, as well as “Ring Them Bells.” My favorite part was watching everyone add hats and costume layers, strutting around during “Put On Your Sunday Clothes.”

Melanie, a long time favorite of DSL, serenaded us with several Disney songs that had everyone singing along, and closed us out with a major dance party in “Don’t Stop Believing.”

I was so happy to share some classic tunes with “If I Only Had a Brain” and “Bare Necessities,” watching as my screen lit up with silly scarecrows and joyful bears.

Thank you, DSL, for a wonderful afternoon of connection through the music we love!