DOROT's University Without Walls


October 26, 2021

About Session

From SFYS Artist Maggie Elizabeth May: Fun fact about our sessions at DOROT? Our senior listeners teleconference into our Zoom, so there is no video feed. The result is a modern interpretation of a radio show, and today's session really did feel like tuning in to a radio program of yesteryear! Marta opened the session with “Fly Me To The Moon” followed by “Til There Was You” (from THE MUSIC MAN) sung by Taylor with live accompaniment from her pianist Mark. Ever knowledgable, Lianne was able to provide some interesting facts about those two songs. The leading lady in THE MUSIC MAN, Marian Paroo was actually inspired by a real "Marian the Librarian": The medical library archivist's husband was stationed with composer Meredith Wilson during the war and he loved that her name rhymed with librarian! We also learned “Fly Me To The Moon” was originally called “In Other Words” After her musical history lesson, Lianne sang some hits that were originally popularized by male vocalists including “Tonight At Eight” from SHE LOVES ME and Roger & Hammerstein’s “The Lady Is A Tramp”. At the end of the session, another real-life Marian, one of our listeners, got on the call to say how much she enjoyed the program and how impressed she was with our variety of songs. Another senior told us that this session made her want to run to see a show on Broadway, and we could not agree more!