Community Partner: Central Harlem Senior Citizens' Center


December 16, 2021

About Session

Today we had a very special holiday session with our Central Harlem Senior Citizens' Centers family. In addition to the incredible Torie Wiggins, Jean McCormick and Sarah Ellis, we welcomed a two new SFYS Artists to the group, Brandon Dennis accompanied by Judd Neilson!

“CHSCC’s mission is to provide quality services that enhance healthy living among Central Harlem seniors through education, socialization and advocacy, and to maintain, acknowledge and affirm their dignity, self-worth and pride throughout the 21st century and beyond.”

As we conclude another year of virtual sessions with CHSCC, we are filled with gratitude for our time together. We give thanks to Vivian Johnson, Site Director extraordinaire, who is the heartbeat of this community. See you in 2022!