Central Harlem Senior Citizens Centers


September 22, 2021

About Session

From SFYS Artist Courtney Glass: An epic afternoon!
Our friends at Central Harlem are always such a delight, dancing along in their living rooms, piping in with pearls of wisdom in the chat box, but most joyfully: peals of laughter when we un-mute the Zoom room and hilarity inevitably ensues. Our session was a bit heavy on the Carole King selections, though no one seemed to mind! Her lyrics do remind us, that we are are capable of deep love for our family, friends and most especially towards ourselves.

With Artists: Natalie Wachen, Courtney Glass, Jeanine Robinson and Jacob Gutiérrez-Montoya.

Facilitated By: Maggie Elizabeth May.

Community Partner: Central Harlem Senior Citizens' Centers, Inc.