Alzheimer’s Foundation of America


February 14, 2023

About Session

We had a big, fabulous group of singers today at the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America in Chelsea. Love was really in the air for this Valentine’s Day session!

Joanne Shea thrilled us with her perfect tones. The audience sang along to Samantha Bruce’s delightful classic musical theatre pieces. Morgan Kirner made us want to swoon. Davon Williams brought down the house with his wonderful arrangements. Christopher Zander brilliantly followed our every move and note on the piano.

The funniest part of the session was a duet between Morgan and Daniel which ended in a proposal. A couple of the audience members thought Daniel was actually proposing. “That was scary,” they relayed to us.

Everyone shared in the music, joy, heart, and a few cookies. Happy Love Day, everyone!

Accompanied by Christopher Zander