305 West End Assisted Living & Memory Care


March 21, 2024

About Session

Volunteers and audience members alike had a wonderful afternoon at this session with 305 West End Assisted Living and Memory Care.

Deborah transported everyone back to 1912 through skits and songs with staging and costumes from her show, UNSINKABLE WOMEN, in honor of the women from the Titanic.

Melanie brought glowing warmth with various hits like “People” and “Get Happy.” Emily wowed with her stunning vocals on “Spark of Creation” and melted hearts with “Someone to Watch Over Me.” Carlos had everyone in stitches of laughter with his gangster pizzazz on “Be Like the Bluebird.” Then the audience was singing along to his performance of “That’s Life.”

Rebbekah deeply connected with the audience during her performance at this session. The seniors sang along to her rendition “The Sound of Music.” She even received a genteel kiss on the hand during “I Feel Pretty,” which featured enthusiastic backup vocals from the other singers.

To close out the session, Rebbekah led a lovely singalong to “I Could Have Danced All Night” in her soaring soprano. The enthusiastic audience included one of Deborah’s childhood friends. One of our oldest fans, the 104-year-old Lucille, was also in attendance today. Lucille’s advice for a long life? “Eat cottage cheese and fruit every day — and sing along!”