305 West End Assisted Living and Memory Care


September 24, 2021

About Session

From SFYS Artist Daniel Plimpton: This afternoon we had another lovely session with the kind folks at 305 West End. The hour just flew by! Getting to sing with friends is always special; a combined 14 years of friendship between us made it extra enjoyable.

I love the moments of inspiration Beth brings in her presence, banter, and in her singing. She is thoughtful and sincere in every word she says, and it’s just delightful to watch that sincerity work it’s way through beautiful music.

Morgan is someone I haven’t heard sing in years and it’s amazing to see how she has blossomed as an actor and singer. I love her rich, effortless tone, and her command and commitment to the song is entrancing.

Finally, any of our SFYS regulars know that Maggie for her incredible voice and story-telling abilities, but today, I wanted to especially acknowledge her dedication as a SFYS facilitator; she brings out the best in all of us and brings such a joyful polish to every session that she manages.

As for our wonderful audience this afternoon, they just ate up the entire experience, and shared the loveliest compliments when all had been sung and done! Please join us and tell your senior family and friends about our public virtual sessions. We would love to have you and them in attendance.

Facilitated By: Maggie Elizabeth May.

Community Partner: 305 West End Assisted Living and Memory Care.