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Lalo Cavali

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Lalo grew up in the town of Prudentópolis, Brazil. But it was in Curitiba, the capital of the state of Paraná, that he started to pursue his endeavors with the performing arts.

In 2015, he joined a production of Grease at the Cena Hum Academy of Dramatic Arts, directed by George Sada, where he played the role of Eugene. Later that year, Lalo entered the Musical Theatre program of the Projeto Broadway School of Performing Arts, which has his friend Ricardo Bührer as a director, along with his partners Giovana Povoas and Débora Bérgamo. He trained there for a semester, which culminated with the production of A Kate Me Quis, a showcase that mixed the stories of Kiss Me Kate and Anything Goes, where he played the role of Tom. The showcase featured the songs “Bianca”, “Tom, Dick or Harry”, “Another Op’nin, Another Show”, “Anything Goes”, “Blow, Gabriel, Blow”, among others.

In 2016, Lalo moved to New York City. He joined The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in 2019, where he trained in their Integrated Musical Theatre Program. He performed in the showcase “This Can’t Be Happening?” directed by Jim Elliott, and the virtual showcase “Life Goes On” directed by Keith Andrews, before graduating in May 2020.

In November 2021, Lalo joined the “Village Light Opera Group”, and performed in “The Three R’s: Revolution, Rebellion & Resistance”, his first show since the 2020 pandemic, joining an ensemble cast to sing selections from “Les Misérables”, “Kiss of the Spider Woman”, “The Glorious Ones”, “Ragtime” and more!

Lalo lives in New York City with his husband Leo and their pup Lola.

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