Cynthia-Rose NesbitCynthia-Rose Nesbit

Cynthia-Rose Nesbit

SFYS Artist Since:

Cynthia is an actor from Cincinnati, OH. She  was last seen Off-B’way in She Persisted: The Musical as Harriet Tubman and Florence Griffith Joyner, an adaption of Chelsea Clinton’s children’s novel. She has performed in several book-to-stage off-Broadway productions and has played a “fairy god-bot” in interstellar Cinderella, Pippa the fairy in Twinkle Tames a Dragon, and has time-travelled as Ella in A Band of Angels. She has also toured with Nickelodeon in Paw Patrol: Live! (Zuma), and worked with DreamWorks in Madagascar: Live!, and Trolls: The Experience. Her father, a jazz musician and member of Kool and the Gang, instilled a deep love of jazz, showtunes and performing from birth and she could not be more grateful to be sharing that love and joy with all of the seniors and singers at SFYS.

Favorite Genre To Sing

Jazz Standards/Musical Theatre

Favorite Song To Sing

"Soon" from Thumbelina

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